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I know this is probably not the 'normal' approach to a Home Page. However the words I've written here do define who I am and what I do. I hope you enjoy sharing in them and the rest of my pages with me.

Spirituality is a word often misinterpreted and more often than not misunderstood. I know as I have wrestled with giving its explanation to others for years.


It seems to be pretty much a natural reaction for folk to jump to the conclusion that I am talking about religion. Spirituality by my definition is more about connection to a higher source or energy field than it is to a taught dogma. It relates to lived experiences as opposed to learned texts.


I feel that spirituality resonates so closely with the natural world that there can be no separation from it. It offers us the awesome opportunity to connect and wonder at the amazing beings we are as well as how totally amazing life is. To follow our instincts, tap into what I refer to as our ‘God’ given gifts, and to see beyond, and feel beyond the obvious.


You hear folk say ‘There has to be more to life than this’ and of course there is. Spirituality is about awakening, becoming more conscious both in heart and mind and allowing us to become apart of it all, seen and unseen alike. It’s about non-judgement just as it is non-denominational.


The true essence of spirituality is surely connectedness, and that knowing we are not alone but simply that we are a part of all that is. It is about love, compassion, forgiveness, wholeness and courage. For it takes courage to step out from the indoctrination we have allowed ourselves to become believers in.


Someone once said to me, ‘Valery, we are all spiritual it’s just that some of us don’t know it yet.’ This is what I mean by awakening, we all make our choices which roads we will travel, but to travel naked with spirituality is such an opportunity for growth both personally as well as spiritually.


It invokes words such as trust, "trust who" I hear you say. Firstly trusting in yourself and then not in who but what. That could be the energy outside of us which is greater and more powerful the very Universe itself maybe? Here you may choose a name that is meaningful to you, Spirit, God, Lord, Buddha, Jesus and so on, it matters not.


There is nothing wrong with a name; I feel it is in the knowing, our own knowing, and our own understanding of this energy where the power lies. What sits comfortably for me is what is right for me. I learned to take everything into my heart a long while ago, so what feels right there rests there with me like a cosy blanket, this is for all of us to define.


All that I share here has been the result of my journey, my spiritual calling if you like. I live by my intuition; I love my freedom of thought, the strength of my guidance, and the grace which channels through me. I feel blessed, cared for, protected, at peace and so deeply loved, I know I am never alone.


I hope these few words offer you some explanation of where I am coming from and in the following pages of my website. The name InspirationPlus came to me many years ago as I felt it fitted my work and teaching as well as who I am.


Each new year I am guided to write something both to inspire myself and others as we once again turn another of life’s pages and move forward into this New Year, 2014. It is always exciting to turn that corner and look toward the light once again. With the dark days of winter behind us we will look forward to spring, rebirth and regrowth and all the wonders of nature. Nature never asks what shall I do next, she just does it. Nobody tells the grass to grow or the colours of the seasons to change.


Spirituality runs deep; I believe it is our true essence.


May this year bring us Joy, it is Our birthright.

May it bring Good Health, Trust and the Courage to Open our Hearts further?

May it be free from Suffering and open to Forgiving?

May it bring Peace to our Heart and into Our Life?

May this be the year 2014 we learn to fall more deeply into Love than ever before.

For Love is all there is, in truth it is who we truly are.


Thank you for finding my website, I know we will meet even if only for a quick chat and a cuppa, maybe an email or you may choose to come into a group or an all day event. What ever it may be I look forward to sharing some time with you in the essence of Spirit and Always in Inspiration……..Plus.


 Always in Love, Valery

A Quote from my Spiritual Mentor;

 For genuine spiritual awakening, good intention is not sufficient. Just as a plant needs water, sunshine and tending to flourish into its full potential, we need the support of a genuine path, an experienced guide and spiritual friendship to spiritually blossom.

Miranda Macpherson

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